Eight World-Class Beppu Hot Springs The eight onsen (hot springs) consist of Beppu, Kannawa, Kankaiji, Alums, Kamekawa, Shibaseki, Horita and Hamawaki. We take pride as Japan’s number one direct flow source. In Beppu City, also known as Sento(“the fountain capital”) a large number of hot springs are there thanks to its two active volcanoes

Outdoor baths with a view

In our outdoor baths you can see the Beppu Bay Facing the ocean, with a breeze on your face soaking comfortably in a bath At our Hotel enjoy our unique views that blend the sky and the sea with hot springs.

Other Baths

At the Hotel New Matsumi our guests may enjoy first the outdoor baths, and also the large outdoor bath and also rooms with private baths Please enjoy your prefered hot springs here in Beppu.

Rock bath chartered B1F
Bath room 3F ~ 6F (rooms with outdoor baths, rooms with ceramic baths)
Outdoor Baths 7F
※All direct flow natural hot springs from the source.

Spring Quality/ Benefits

Spring quality Sodium Bicarbonate/Chloride

Good for neuralgia (nerve pain), arthralgia (joint pain), digestive problems, skin disorders, feminine ailments, excessive sensitivity to cold, and health promotion etc.

Hot spring temperature 56.3 degrees C
Bath Use Time 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 and from 16 :00 to 22 :00
Supplies dryer, body soap, rinse-in-shampoo, shampoo, rinse, toothbrush set, razor, shower cap, towel, bath towel and a yukata