The Hotel New Matsumi, located in a prime location on the ocean side of Beppu, has breath-taking views from the rooms. One of the real pleasures you will have staying at our hotel are the views overlooking the sea that cannot be experienced anywhere else; the sky and the sea melting into the horizon; a sheer moment of life-lasting excitement. Enjoy your journey in this special place facing the seamount.


Rooms with outdoor baths overlooking Beppu Bay Soaking slowly in a hot bath with the sound of the sea breeze all around. Spending a little more luxurious time in your own private space.

Please relax and enjoy your stay in a room with the finest quality of hot springs in Beppu.

For your added relaxing pleasure, we offer different types of rooms with outdoor baths and also Japanese style rooms. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Standard Room Equipment/Amenities

Equipment In all rooms: a bath toilet, shower, air conditioner and heater, TV, satellite hookup, refrigerator(surcharge for beverages) trouser press(rental included)
Amenities Hand towel, body soap, dryer, hot water toilet, toothbrush and toothpaste, bath towel, yukata, razor, shampoo(rinse-in-shampoo) and a shower cap